640 Maine Street
Quincy, IL 62301
PHONE: (217) 224-9043
FAX: (217) 224-9121

Blessing Health Center 4800 Maine – Quincy, IL
Building foundation, slab on grade, slab on metal deck, and all site concrete.

Quincy Medical Group – Mt. Sterling, IL
Building Foundation, slab on grade, and all site concrete.

Quincy Public Schools
Building foundation, slab on grade, and site concrete for Denman, Baldwin, and Rooney schools.

Kohl Wholesale Distribution Center – Quincy, IL
Building foundation and site concrete.

Midwest Controlled Storage – Quincy, IL
500,000 square feet of finished floor slabs over two project phases. 2,000 linear feet of 25 foot tall, 16 inch thick cast in place walls with 2 inch rigid foam insulation in center.

Menard, Inc. – Various Sites
New store slabs on grade and slabs on metal deck, new distribution center site paving, various existing store and distribution center remodels and additions.

Bailey Nurseries – Minneapolis, MN
180,000 square foot greenhouse slab placed, finished, and sawcut in four days.